Why Do You Need Social Signals In Seo

social_signalsThere are a variety of factors that affect the performance of a companys website and overall online presence. Search engines give credit to relevancy (using similar keywords in your meta descriptions, title tags and anchor text) and authority (amount and type of sites that are linking to your content via inbound links). These practices are still very much alive, but another facet has entered into the mix: social signals.

But not in the way that you may think. Jennifer Slegg of Search Engine Watch recently pointed out that social signals do not appear to be a direct ranking factor, based on a statement from Matt Cutts that indicates Google does not have any such signal in search ranking algorithms. So why do social signals matter?

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Likes, shares, retweets and other forms of citation are comparable to receiving an inbound link to your site. The more of these that you accumulate, the more it indicates that you are providing some sort of value, and the better it is for brand awareness and driving traffic to your site. Furthermore, based on the nature of social shares ” people share things that are helpful ” there is a correlation between great content and volume of social shares (another indication of the importance of remarkable content for SEO).

Social Signals Also Indicate Credibility…

92% of consumers trust the recommendations of friends and family more than any form of advertising. And increasingly, these recommendations are moving online via social media. Social signals are like digital word-of-mouth; when people share, talk about or endorse something on social media, they are telling their network that it is trustworthy and worth their time.

Furthermore, consumers now expect to be able to find brands, products, and services on social platforms. If they have a question they can tweet the company and expect a response. Similarly, consumers can use a brand’s Facebook page to research new products and read comments from consumers who have bought that product or used that service. Consumers can connect with one another online, sharing, tweeting and citing, which can help build brand authority and increase SEO performance.

There are two simple ways to increase your websites social signals both on your website and off. They include:

1. Website elements:

  • Share buttons (like, recommend, tweet)
  • Social profile connect icons (Like our Facebook page, Follow us on Twitter)
  • Your Blog2. External elements:
  • Social media profiles ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Pinterest boards
  • Youtube account
  • Guest blog postingIn today’s digital world you must integrate social into your online marketing. Social is earned media, and earned media is always more trusted than paid media. If you fail to utilize social media as a tool, you are letting a formidable opportunity pass you by.

Why You Should Go Shopping Online

Now that the Internet has exploded, thousands of merchants have put their entire inventory online for you to view and shop from whenever you want! There are many reasons why shopping online is so much better than shopping in-stores.

Daniel’s note: I’ve written before about why I don’t go shopping and this is a great list that just backs up my point!

  1. Save on pricey gas and valuable time. With gas prices looming near $4 a gallon, it’s definitely not something to be wasted. Even a five minute trip to your local mall can turn into a fifteen minute excursion if the parking lot is crowded. While even that may not seem like a lot, think of how many times you visit stores during the week. With all of that extra gas, you could go on a long road trip! Save time too by shopping from home. No need to take the time to get ready, drive, park, and walk around to browse. Simply type in what you want and instantly find what you are looking for.
  2. Organizing your finances is easy. You won’t have to worry about misplacing receipts ever again when you shop online. Since everything is done electronically, all records of your transactions are emailed directly to your inbox. Your house will no longer be cluttered with piles of receipts. Plus, you’re helping out the environment by going paperless!
  3. Pay with a credit card safely, even to small merchants. Using credit cards to pay is easy, but sometimes your favorite small merchants or artisans can’t accept them. When you shop online, many dealers both big and small use PayPal. PayPal is a website that lets you create an account for free. You simply enter in your information, and they act as a middleman when you make payments so merchants can’t see your information. Shopping this way is safe, and you will always be able to pay for the great products you want!
  4. Always find the best deals. Comparison shopping no longer means driving from store to store or flipping through many different ads. Comparing prices is literally just a click away. You can use search engines like Google or a specific comparison shopping website to easily find out which merchants have the lowest prices. Many times, stores will offer online exclusive sales, so it pays to shop online!
  5. Don’t waste time clipping coupons. Finding the coupons you want online is simple, and there is no cutting required! Simply find a coupon aggregator that you love, then search for your favorite merchant and use coupon codes online. All you have to do is click to save instantly at your favorite stores! There are many different coupons online that can save you tons of money, including ones for free shipping!
  6. No more waiting in line and pushing through crowds. Malls and retail stores can be chaotic, especially during a big sale or a holiday season. Don’t stress yourself out, just shop from home! You’ll never have to stand in a long checkout line or weave your way through crowds just to get the items you want. Shop online and you can stay in the comfort of your own home.
  7. Find items you might not see in stores. Since brick and mortar stores are limited on space, merchants usually don’t carry all of the items they sell in store. Online, you can find their entire inventory, along with many choices of colors, styles, and even customization options. Shop on the Internet so you can find exactly what you want.
  8. The Internet never closes.You can shop anytime online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Online stores never close, so you never have to worry about making time to go to the store. Online shopping is perfect for night owls or anyone who is just too busy to make a trip to the store.
  9. Shop any store worldwide. Never again be limited geographically. Many merchants do not have physical stores in every state, and certainly not in every country. When you shop online, you can browse through stores around the block or around the globe! Discover amazing new items from exotic places that you perhaps have never even heard of before.
  10. Ship your gifts directly. When you order online, you can send gifts or even have gift baskets delivered directly to their recipient. This means you can avoid long waits at the post office and you can get your gift delivered faster. Many stores even offer customized cards and gift wrapping to go along with your present.

Why You Should Use Crazybulk To Get Bulky

Recently released to the fitness market, Crazy Bulk are a US based company offering a range of natural and legal steroids as a safe and effective alternative to the use of anabolic steroids. Crazy Bulk’s range covers a broad spectrum of uses from cutting right through to Bulking.

The use of anabolic steroids to gain muscle has been largely frowned upon due to the fact that many of these illegal substances can cause adverse side effects and damage to health. With that being said, the key success of many of the world’s best bodybuilders came from the use of Anabolic steroids. If you look at some of the most successful bodybuilders of our generation, from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler through to Zzyz, all of these will admit to using some form of anabolic steroid at some point in their career.

If you are considering using anabolic steroids then we would advise against this at all costs – it just is not worth it. If you have tried a variety of different supplements for muscle gain and are looking for an alternative, then Crazy Bulk could be your best option.

With ten years of extensive research and development, the team at Crazy Bulk have formulated a range of the best legal steroids currently available online. The use of legal steroids in the world of supplements and fitness is an ever growing trend but before you purchase it is important you select the right type of product for your goals.

Are Crazy Bulk Supplements Safe To Use?

If you are trying to find out if Crazy Bulk is legit, we have spend time and energy researching the ingredients. Our findings have shown each ingredient within their range of product is totally natural and designed to improve strength, support muscle gains and also sky rocket your stamina. This product will give you minimal to zero side effects.

Note – Always consult a healthcare professional before taking any kind of sports and nutrition supplement

Who can use Crazy Bulk?

First off, the type of product you will need will depend on your own personal fitness goals. Typically Crazy Bulk will benefit those who:

  • Are looking for an increase in muscle size and strength
  • Are looking to shred body fat and increase metabolism gradually
  • Are looking to increase the intensity of their workouts as well as sporting activities
  • Are looking for a supplement that can help aid recovery in a shorter space of time

Why You Should Eat Healthy Food

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get in shape or just live a healthier life, eating healthy provides a variety of benefits. No matter what motivates you, here are the top 10 reasons why you should sneak a few more nutrient-packed foods into your diet.

1. You’ll be more productive

Just like your car, your brain needs quality fuel to run efficiently. One study found that eating unhealthy foods puts you at a 66% increased risk of productivity loss. Eating a healthy, balanced diet to make sure your brain has the fuel it needs means more energy and increased productivity at work.

 2. You’ll be happier

What we eat has an impact on our brains. Did you know bananas contain 10 milligrams of dopamine, a chief mood booster in the brain? Dark chocolate, packed with polyphenol, is also known to boost serotonin, a neurotransmitter that many antidepressants also target. You should see a doctor if you’re seriously concerned about your moods, but for the rare gloomy day, try a dark chocolate-covered banana.

 3. You’ll be less stressed

Certain foods have the ability to moderate our body’s level of cortisol, the stress hormone. Some studies have found that foods packed with vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium help reduce cortisol levels. When the body is in a chronic state of stress, it breaks down protein to prepare for battle. Eating a protein-rich diet, including fish and dairy, can help replenish protein stores and keep cortisol levels at bay.

 4. You’ll control your weight

Simple healthy choices such as replacing soda with water, choosing carrots instead of chips, and ordering a side salad in place of fries not only will help you lose weight, it also can help you save money. The average household spends about $850 a year on soft drinks, which could easily be replaced with healthier — and free — water.

5. You’ll eat less

When it comes to eating healthier, quality trumps quantity. Fresh foods contain fewer low-nutrient fillers that the body burns through quickly. If you are buying and eating less food, then you will have more money in your pocket.

6. You’ll think it tastes better

Who would trade their Big Mac for a beet burger? Although taste is subjective, healthy food can taste delicious if it’s prepared well. One study showed that people perceive healthy food as tasting better even if it doesn’t. In a blind taste test, participants said organic coffee tasted better than regular coffee, even though the two cups were the same. So perhaps the beet burger is better after all — even if it’s only in your head.

 7. You’ll age better

Why pay for expensive and painful Botox procedures when you can improve your skin through your diet? Fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants can help protect your skin. The antioxidants in fresh berries and salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids both help improve the health of your skin’s cells and slow premature aging.

8. You’ll be healthier

Unhealthy eating — especially over the long term — can be a risk factor for chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. If you miss out on too much of the protein, vitamins and minerals that your body needs, your muscle mass will decrease as your fat stores increase. Some estimates say at least 30% of cancers are linked to poor diet. One study of over 6,000 women found that those who ate the most cabbage, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower and kale had a lower risk of developing breast cancer after menopause.

9. You’ll live longer

Healthy eating can help you avoid diseases that may lower your life expectancy. One study showed that a diet of fruit and vegetables, in combination with exercise, extended life expectancy for women in their 70s. Elsewhere, researchers reviewed a group of studies that suggest vegetarian or low-meat diets could help you live a longer life. And another study points to nuts as a way to reduce your risk of early death. No matter how you cut it, a healthy diet can play an important role in how long you’ll live.

10. You’ll save money

Many of the benefits of healthy eating contribute to potential savings. If you stay healthy, you’ll have fewer medical bills to pay and by cutting back on food, you’ll eat less and have fewer groceries to purchase. Save your body and your wallet and eat your greens today.